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Boston Fern

Large boston fern in hanging pot .

One of the most popular ferns worldwide. This distinctive fern bears long, graceful, arching fronds of rich green leaflets. Best displayed in hanging baskets and large decorative containers. 


Habitat: Will grow to a mature size of 120cm x 15cm tall. 

Light: Likes bright, indirect sunlight

Water: Water regularly. A good way to judge is to pick up the container. If it’s light, it needs to be watered; if is heavy, it’s fine.

Humidity: High, mist plant 3 times a week to minimise brown leaf tips.

Soil: Re-pot into Oderings houseplant potting mix

Pruning: Require only when the fronds have dried up and dropped their leaves. If the fern looks ratty, trim back the plant until it is 2 inches tall, water and fertilize, and it will soon begin to grow back out.

Fertiliser: Use a Liquid fertiliser in summer

Pests: Aphids are most common and can be found on new growth

Poisonous for pets: Non-toxic to cats and dogs


Note: Picture is a guide only, plant size may differ from image.

Pot not included. 



Boston Fern

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