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"DRIED NOT DEAD” Bridal Bouquet

“WILD”Choose this Dried not Dead wedding bouquet for an array of whimsical preserved and NZ dried style blooms. The florals are a mix of neutral white organic tones & textures, with a small hint of colour throughout.  Locally grown flowers from East Auckland, along with imported preserved blooms. 



Upon receipt, the bouquet should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources to keep it pristine.




Please note delivery will take place the day before your wedding, so please select the day one day BEFORE your actual wedding day



Should you also be purchasing venue flowers and need them delivered on the day of the wedding then please contact us after you have placed your order to arrange delivery.

Please note one delivery charge is taken at checkout for a single delivery address. If you require another drop for your wedding then please follow up with an email and we will arrange for you for an additional fee.

"DRIED NOT DEAD” Bridal Bouquet

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